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Versus and Versus Brawl!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Fri at 16:54

Hello Metaloids!

Yes the rumors are true! Pro 1v1 and 2v2 are coming to ZincBox in the form of ELO! The new gamemode(s) will be referred to as Versus and Versus Brawl! More information will be released closer to its release.

Bored? Here's a challange for you! (Due to the inactivity we will not be adding maps to SBW until the gamemode starts doing better, please keep those maps on standby!)

1v1 Map Guidelines:

- Map Dimensions (50x50 to 60x60)
- Must have a formal area to PvP
- Add realistic obstacle(s) that suit the map
- Make it influence a certain “mood”

- Don’t limit your creativity!

2v2 Map Guidelines:

- Map Dimensions (75x75 to 85x85)
- Must have a formal area to PvP
- Add realistic obstacle(s) that suit the map
- Make it influence a certain “mood”

- Don’t limit your creativity!

to submit a map please go to our forum board and click "Map Submission"

RealEmpire Copper Yes! Im gonna sweat this so bad >_<
prestoo Builder Remember, anyone can create a map to submit!
ItsAmerican Modo Hype! So exited

SkyBlock Warriors!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Sep 28, 15

Hey Metaloids! It's time to fulfill my promise to you all!

As we near its completion, here are some juicy insiders of the VERY long awaited SkyBlock Warriors! (SBW)


1. Protect Your Core!
- The core is what keeps you respawning after a death and will be signified as a beacon on your island. Protect it or you won't be able to respawn!

2. Destroy Enemy Cores!
- Cores take 3 full breaks to completely disable, there is no way to activate them once they are down!

3. Kill Your Enemies!
- Last man standing wins! It's a fight to the death!

Now that you understand the objectives, there are just a few more things you need to know before becoming a true SkyBlock Warrior!

Map Description:

1. 8 Islands!
- There are 8 action packed Islands and 8 Cores. Currently there are 5 awesome maps built by Octovon. (Player submitted maps will be added on a date that will be announced later)

2. Crates! (Chests)
- Awesome gear ranging from a stone shovel to a sharpness 3 diamond sword! (Light Crates, Heavy Crates, and OP Crates)

3. Item Shop!
- Coins now have an even bigger role on ZincBox, you can access the item shop upon starting a SBW game! The item shop is signified as the emerald in your inventory. Here you can buy extra loot but it's not cheap!

Description of Gameplay:

Upon joining the SBW server you are put into a lobby. Once in the lobby you can access the joining signs, click a sign to be put into a waiting lobby where you will wait for at least 4 players to join. You spawn on your island and you can immediately begin collecting resources and crates. Careful not to rush the middle island too soon OP crates won't be available until 1 minute into the game!

Optional Strategies:

1. Assault Strat!
- Since you do lose all of your loot upon death, a strategy you could use is to set aside loot incase of a possible death. After filling up your inventory go back to your island and hide a chest next to your spawn point; upon death you can immediately re-gear up!

2. Defense Strat!
- One of the objectives is to destroy enemy Cores another is to protect your own. Since it is hard to do both at the same time it would be safer to stay on your own island and protect your Core from the other warriors! Grab a few OP chests from the middle island and head on back to your island to ensure your survival and safety!

If you have any other strategies you would like to share with other warriors go ahead and post them to the forums and stay tuned for donor annoucements!

ItsAmerican Modo Cool beans! Can't wait to play with everyone!
nether_flower This is going to be epic! I can't wait ...

ZincBox Updates!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Aug 13, 15

Hey everyone! It's Bass back again with another news update! This month we have adjusted a few of our player rules. These rules are being implemented to help better the community! As of now, disrespectful terms are NO longer allowed:

- eZ
- gg10
- rekt
- kys
- you suck
- you're bad
- l2p
- get good and etc.

Advertising your stream, youtube, or any link of the sort is now only allowed 2 times in succession after that you must wait at least 10 minutes before you are permitted to advertise it again. If the stream that is being advertised is on a server that isn't Hive, MCSG, Hypixel, Mineplex, BadLion, Archon or ZincBox you will be perm banned for advertising servers.

New MiniGames! stay tuned for some new minigames currently in development, more information on them will be released before completion! Enjoy the names for now:

- Arrow

- SkyBlock Warriors

-by Valexio and BassInYaFace

EclipticGaming that wasnt a rule??
Tormatic Titanium Update: These words will be filtered soon. (Plugin is finished, I'm waiting for it to be rolled out.)
Glory_Beast THANK YOU, ADRIAN! People kept telling me to kys when I "gg10ed" them :(

New Era of ZincBox!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Jun 25, 15

Welcome everyone new to ZincBox and hello to all of our original players!

Today we announce that FinsGraphics has officially joined the ownership! This does not mean that BeastCoder (Developer) or BassInYaFace (Staff/Buisness Manager) will be removed as they still play their roles and own ZincBox equally. As you have probably noticed loads of new people have been joining ZincBox in hopes to find FinsGraphics lurking around the server and If you are one of those people we welcome you!

The 3 owners and our amazing staff team are ready to take you all for a whole new ride as we enter a new era of ZincBox! You might have already noticed a lot of new changes to the server already which were made possible due to Fins amazing ideas! This new forum look is a great example of one of the changes! Here are some more:

Huge 1v1 updates: Brand new maps! All new donor perks! Earn coins through the duel system! Introducing the brand new perk shop! The perk shop allows you to quickly select a perk to use during the 1v1 such as flint & steel, enchant potions, etc. as well as many new bug fixes/improvements! (Expect more updates in the future)

Huge FFA updates: leaderboards is finally out! Check to see the top players by typing /lb in game. Your rank now shows right beside your name, new SkyLands map, updated NCP, and lots of other cool features and commands!

Huge Donor updates: Donors now get multiple new features throughout the server, website, and Teamspeak. On the website, after you have donated, reply to this thread here: ZincBox Forum Donor Tag. You will also have something similar on the TeamSpeak in addition donor rank allows you to create temporary rooms that you can stay in and talk to your friends privately! For a list of all donor perks please visit our shop @ store.zincbox.net

If you find a bug please report it here: ZincBox Bug Report. We would like to address it as quickly as possible!

If you have a suggestion please do not spam us suggest it here: ZincBox Suggestion Forum.

We hope you all enjoy ZincBox and tag along for the numerous updates we have ahead of us!

by HapyFeet and BassInYaFace

EndlessPotzYT So I was looking to qualify for Mod on the server and I think I should be mod because I am on a lot and I'm loyal and ve ...