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What's going on ZincBox!?

Brand new FFA features have been added to make your experience a lot more enjoyable:

- New Map! "Biomes" perfect for pvp and gives off that original feel of Minecraft!

- Damage Indicators for 1.8! Now you can see how much health your opponent has simply by making contact with them.

- Redesigned combat log plugin! Tired of those pesky chickens? Don't worry if they leave you get the kill!

- Cooldowns on /leave to further prevent combat logging.

- BLOOD! LOTS AND LOTS OF BLOOD! (Might be taken off based on player opinion)

- Stat resets! The Top 5 players for the Winter/Spring season are listed in the trophy room!

- New lobby - coming soon by GoCreative!

We hope you enjoy all the new feautures and additions to FFA! Please stay tuned for a reset and some new features added to Factions! It will be opened to all at 12 pm PST

BassInYaFace Owner You have been replied to on Twitter
Hoody I need some help to get my tag "Killer" on Zincbox Factions, plz msg me,nor contact me through twitter...
Peacinq The next update should be the hit detection over all.

Summer Stats Reset!

IvoryToast VIP posted Mar 30, 16

Hello Metaloids!

Today, 30th March, the server will be slightly disrupted as we reset some of our Gamemodes in preparation for the start of the Spring Season! We will be keeping the server online, but throughout the day, you may experience servers occasionally going down or being unavailable. The reset will be fully implemented by April 1st and last seasons top FFA players will be added to the achievement room!

More announcement's coming soon!

- IvoryToast & ZincBox Owners.

SnoopyPlaysMC Its time to tryhard guys
ItsAuroraYT Mod Yessss!!
Killqura Helper I wonder who will be using me to gain OP stats. c:

Opening the End on Factions!

finsgraphics Owner posted Jan 22, 16

Hello Metaloids!

As you all know by now, the server was taken down for a period of 'Maintenance' recently and during this time we have done a lot of work! Even though the server has now re-opened, we are going to continue this work and push out new features on a regular basis. Despite most of the main features already being added, we do still have a lot more to come, and to start it off we are going to be adding the END to factions tomorrow!

The END portal will be placed in the faction spawn at 4PM EST on Saturday Jan 23rd! The portal will be open to everyone, so make sure you are there!

Stick around, because more exciting information will be announced soon in regards to new features and gamemodes to come ;)

- IvoryToast & ZincBox Owners.

hexoh Manager Sorry everyone! Due to some problems, the opening of the End will be postponed until 7 PM EST.
TheShadowDesigns Been an hour and its not open :/
madyoshibridey Is there any news for SBW?