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It Is Time

BassInYaFace Owner posted May 29, 16

Hello, Metalloids.

What I am about to inform you of is something that we all wished would never have to come.

ZincBox has been on our minds a lot recently and this question was brought up to Ownership: "What are we doing? Nothing is getting done and we're just letting ZincBox sit. Are we going to keep this going?"

We all get older and with becoming older means that we must dedicate more and more of our time to reality. I hate using the word reality because all of you reading this are real and very much apart of the real world. ZincBox has not been in our best interests lately. Fin is turning 18, Cole is 18 and just graduated, and I am 20 and It's time that I now start looking towards the future. The question was first answered by BeastCoder: "Yeah I know, to be honest guys I won't have the time." "I can code for about a month but none of that means anything when I have to get ready for college the month after, it'll go back to being how it is now." Cole also took the time to explain something very vital. Once he leaves, the server will need a complete remake from scratch in order for Fin and I to keep operating. The reason being that Cole is the ONLY one who can work with his own code, trust me, we've had brilliant developers try and work with it and they just can't. That being said there will be no one to fix anything or add anything when needed or requested. With that in mind Fin then gave his answer. "We could have made ZincBox great and I wish we still could! It's sad that we never got the server to the point of me being able to promote it but unfortunately I do not have the time to start from scratch." I was then left to give my reply. I put aside my hopes and dreams of ZincBox becoming big and I thought about the 2 1/2 years that I tried, I thought about how much ZincBox has been through, I thought about the good memories, I thought about the points where we almost shutdown before and I decided that ZincBox needs to rest. It's been through so much. Broken promises, failed merges, backstabbing, loss of players, pointless fighting, filthy arguments, and whatever else. I of course thought about the good things as well but then I snapped back to reality. The server made ten whole dollars last month and we don't have the funds to continue let alone start from scratch. Yes this is our fault, we could have avoided this if we simply kept working on the server but it all ties back in to the time that we did not/don't have. So I said "I agree, ZincBox had a great run but it's time for her to rest now."   

I know this is all terrible news. So we've decided to leave the server and forums up for another month as a final request of the staff members and of course for all of you in hopes that you have enough time to make some final memories with the people you've met here. Throughout this session we want everyone to have fun. Do note that there will be staff present to make sure everything is going fine and there are no problems. The staff were told to have fun and not report bans because we are trying to have a good time so if you would please kindly cooperate with us by following the rules and being respectful as we enjoy our final moments. Please take things easy and help us make this a good ending.

I will be releasing a more formal thread closer to the end date that will be thanking all of you/the donators, touching face with some things I have learned, how ZincBox helped me, and more.

Random giveaways will be taking place throughout the month, there are no set times, so if you want to be apart of it all then try to be online as much as possible.

We are distraught over this whole situatuion. As content as I may sound, it really hurts to have to let go of it all. This is for a later thread though.

P.s. This is not anything that can be fixed by donating. It's not so much about the money but more about time. If you donators are wondering what your donations went to... They went to keeping the server up, the forums up, new maps, and the creation of new gamemodes (which sadly we did not get to release.)

- by BassInYaFace and KrizeaxPlays

Skillapp Cobalt :( 20 days w/o zb
hexoh Manager < 3
Pigsty Helper Farewell <3

What's going on ZincBox!?

Brand new FFA features have been added to make your experience a lot more enjoyable:

- New Map! "Biomes" perfect for pvp and gives off that original feel of Minecraft!

- Damage Indicators for 1.8! Now you can see how much health your opponent has simply by making contact with them.

- Redesigned combat log plugin! Tired of those pesky chickens? Don't worry if they leave you get the kill!

- Cooldowns on /leave to further prevent combat logging.

- BLOOD! LOTS AND LOTS OF BLOOD! (Might be taken off based on player opinion)

- Stat resets! The Top 5 players for the Winter/Spring season are listed in the trophy room!

- New lobby - coming soon by GoCreative!

We hope you enjoy all the new feautures and additions to FFA! Please stay tuned for a reset and some new features added to Factions! It will be opened to all at 12 pm PST

BassInYaFace Owner You have been replied to on Twitter
Hoody I need some help to get my tag "Killer" on Zincbox Factions, plz msg me,nor contact me through twitter...
Peacinq The next update should be the hit detection over all.

Summer Stats Reset!

IvoryToast VIP posted Mar 30, 16

Hello Metaloids!

Today, 30th March, the server will be slightly disrupted as we reset some of our Gamemodes in preparation for the start of the Spring Season! We will be keeping the server online, but throughout the day, you may experience servers occasionally going down or being unavailable. The reset will be fully implemented by April 1st and last seasons top FFA players will be added to the achievement room!

More announcement's coming soon!

- IvoryToast & ZincBox Owners.

SnoopyPlaysMC Its time to tryhard guys
Auroraaaaa Mod Yessss!!
Killqura Copper I wonder who will be using me to gain OP stats. c: