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Hey guys!  I figured I'd come on in and let you guys know what's been happening for the past couple of weeks.

As you all are very familiar, we will be merging with CoveMC, owned and operated by GrapeAppleSauce, who has already made himself to be a great friend to the upper staff.  As of now, we're set on a couple of things:

-Prison will be removed and replaced with a new version.
-Factions will be removed and replaced with three new Factions servers
-All mingames (FFA, 1v1, SGB) will be kept.  
-Staff are staying staff
-Website will be hosted using Xenforo (not Enjin!)

All current and future purchased ranks will transfer on over to the new network.  There will be many opportunities opening up for staff positions and other fun things you guys can do to help us!  Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message via Enjin.  I'll try to answer them as soon as they get to me!

Zincbox Community and Staff Coordinator
StimpcyGamer What will happen to the 1v1 and SGB LeaderBoards?
PurpleHamsters01 I'll miss Zincbox.
TommyLozo15 This Sounds Awesome!! I cant wait to have a great time!

Merging servers!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Dec 3, 14
Hello ZincBox today i am here with some huge bittersweet news. A small portion of you may already know and i am here to confirm the rumors that have been going around. ZincBox will be merging yet again! We will be becoming apart of Cove, Grapeapplesauce, BeastCoder, and OrangeSausage's server.
Now for some of us it this will be a sad moment. I know there are people like me, i met a lot of friends here made great memories and all that good stuff. I like to think of this as not the end but the new beginning of something we have kept alive for awhile. CoveMC has agreed to merge networks and we hope you all come with us. The merge will be taking place somtime this month the name we are keeping is Cove. Donor ranks will be transferring and the names as of now are a surprise! Staff members will be transferred in this order: 

Mods --> Mods
Admins--> Sr.Mods
Managers/Owners --> Admins
BeastCoder --> Owner

*There is not a manager rank on Cove

Helper ranks will not be transferring over. If you still wish to apply for Mod on ZincBox and you do well enough we will take you along with us.

This is a big thing guys, everyone has mixed emotions but it is happening and the best we can do is go along with it. It is just like when Battlerealms turned into ZincBox. Except this time we will have so many more players since Cove is a huge server! There will be more people to interact with and a lot more people for us staff members to help!

Details on what we will be keeping will be coming soon in the mean time i will be creating a Q&A thread for those of you with concerns.

To lighten this up this news Jnitz and PassionUnite are throwing ZincBoxs' official last big tournament! The details will be released by Jnitz soon, be sure to check that out and even win a free rank that will transfer over!

We will release more news once we start the merging process!
RandomGirlUSA Mod First of all, DEMOTE ME ON THE FORUMS. Second, I wish luck to all of the players. Do not get disappointed, were all goin ...
one2three4five Am I the only one who had really never heard of the cove...
Grumpy6879 Don't get rid of prison. Its the last piece of BattleRealms!

Welcome back!

BassInYaFace aOwner posted Nov 20, 14
Hey guys! Long time no see, Welcome to the new ZincBox Forums! Recently our forums had went down due to a hacker but we got everything sorted out and we are back with a brand new forum! It might seem very dry at the moment but we will be adding things as we progress, so we could get it back to its previous state before the hacker got to it! Again we are sorry for the inconvenience!  
Nuhcatboy #RIPZincboxForums
KianDoesGaming #WelcomeBackZincboxForums2014